Pharmacology & Pharmacy

Laura Cuzzolin
Assistant Professor
Guido Francesco Fumagalli
Full Professor
Roberto Leone
Associate Professor
Riccardo Lora
Technical-administrative staff
Ugo Moretti
Associate Professor
Topic People Description
Chemioterapia Elisa Bertazzoni Minelli
Farmacoepidemiologia Laura Cuzzolin
Roberto Leone
Ugo Moretti
Scienza che studia l'utilizzo dei farmaci nella popolazione
Pediatric pharmacoepidemiology Laura Cuzzolin
study of drug use in paediatric patients
Farmacovigilanza Roberto Leone
Riccardo Lora
Ugo Moretti
Scienza che studia il profilo di rischio dei farmaci
Regenerative neuropharmacology Guido Francesco Fumagalli
Pharmacological, functional, cellular and molecular characterization of a population of neural stem cells that we have discovered to be present in leptomeninges and involved in postnatal neurogenesis and/or in regenerative processes associated to pathological conditions. The study is focused on reaction, involvement and reparative potential of meningeal stem cells following traumatic lesions of the spinal cord. The aim is to identify drugs/nutrients/substances that modulate/potentiate endogenous reparative reaction that follows to the trauma. In addition we are setting innovative approaches of regenerative medicine applied to spinal cord injury by taking advantage of the neural stem cells extracted from meninges of adult subjects (including humans).
Neuropsicofarmacologia Mirella Ruggeri
Tabagismo Paolo Mezzelani
Attività di ricerca di base ed applicativa su meccanismi, processi e fenomeni associati al fumo e problemi-correlati
Tossicodipendenza Paolo Mezzelani
Studio dei meccanismi neuroadattativi e processi psicocomportamentali alla base della tossicodipendenza
Vaccinovigilance Roberto Leone
Riccardo Lora
Ugo Moretti
The study of adverse events following immunization (AEFI). The science study the risk profiles of vaccines.


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